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We are a full-service golf cart garage and are capable of assisting you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. Most of our customers drop off their golf carts, but if you need help getting your golf cart to us, we do offer a pick-up and drop-off service.


While golf carts are our specialty, we also provide services and repairs for other types of power equipment. Our team is dedicated to providing the high-quality services you need to get your equipment in working condition. 


We also have an excellent inventory of new and pre-owned golf carts, UTVs, and more. Give us a call and our experienced team can help guide you in the right direction.

Please call us at (318) 955-1611 for pickup service rates, which are based on your location.

Common Services Offered:

GOLF CART services:
o Battery maintenance
o Battery replacement
o System troubleshooting
o Electrical system repairs
o Gasoline engine repairs
o Front end alignment, adjust toe and camber
o Tire pressure service
o Tire replacement
o Brake inspection, adjustment, and / or replacement
o Axel bearing replacement
o Steering repair & tie rod end replacement
o Inspection and repair of front wheel bearings, spindles, linkage, and kingpins
o Verifying forward / reverse switch or assembly for proper and smooth operation
o Replacement of bushings and grommets
o Many additional services offered!

• ELECTRIC services:
o Troubleshooting
o Clean and inspect batteries
o Inspect condition of battery cables, accessory wiring to batteries, and terminals
o Check battery fluid level and fill as required
o Test battery charger operation
o Treat terminals, posts, and connections with protection / corrosion prevention
o Repair nonworking lights
o Test and repair solenoid
o Test and repair microswitches
o Test and repair controller and motor
o Motor overhaul / replace motor brushes

• GAS services:
o Troubleshooting
o Changing engine oil and filter
o Replacing air and fuel filters
o Changing spark plug(s)
o Inspect and adjust or replace drive / starter / generator belt
o Test engine compression
o Inspect engine for oil leaks
o Check fuel linkages and adjust as necessary
o Clean and inspect carburetor / fuel injection system
o Repair or replace fuel pump and fuel lines
o Many additional gas services offered!

• ATV / UTV services:
o Many of the same electrical and gas services listed above, plus…
o Troubleshooting and repair of common systems
o Lift kit repair and replacement
o Axle replacement
o Belt replacement
o Top-end overhaul (piston, rings, replacement cylinder sleeves, etc.)
o Ball joints and tie rods
o Steering rack and pinion
o Differential servicing, repair, replacement, and upgrades
o Portal lift kit upgrade
o Transmission repair and upgrades

• MOWER and SMALL ENGINE services:
o Troubleshooting and repair of common systems
o Oil and filter service

       o Much, much more!


       o We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Permit #004N2Q and Brian's License #003Q11. Advice is available upon request.